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[NEWS] More Counties To Take Part In UN’s SDGs Schools’ Programme

一百(100)所新學校參加了半乾旱縣的學校綠色倡議挑戰第四階段; 作為第二階段獲獎者的Thu小學的Embu,Kitui和Machakos參觀了蒙巴薩,作為他們在植樹競賽中領先的120所學校的獎勵的一部分。

綠色倡議挑戰賽(GIC)由Bamburi水泥有限公司,肯根基金會和Better Globe Forestry共同舉辦,擁有300多所中小學校和數百名學生參加比賽,旨在緩解氣候變化,並提供可持續的木質燃料和替代品 為當地社區創造收入機會。

在第四階段,100所新GIC學校將在其機構0.5英畝的地塊內培育耐旱的Terminalia布朗尼,Senna siamea和Melia volkensi樹種。 該項目旨在綠化500多英畝的Embu,Kitui和Machakos半乾旱縣。

Hundred (100) new schools have enrolled for Phase IV of the Schools Green Initiative Challenge in the semi-arid counties namely; Embu, Kitui and Machakos as Phase II winners, Thua Primary school, toured Mombasa as part of their reward in leading 120 schools in the tree planting competition.

The Green Initiative Challenge (GIC) is sponsored by Bamburi Cement Ltd, KenGen Foundation and Better Globe Forestry has over 300 primary and secondary schools and hundreds of students participating in the competition with the aim of mitigating climate change as well as providing sustainable woodfuel and alternative income opportunities for the local communities.

In its fourth phase, 100 new GIC schools will compete in nurturing drought resistant Terminalia brownie, Senna siamea and Melia volkensi tree species in 0.5 acre plots at their institutions. The project aims at greening over 500 acres of the semi-arid counties of Embu, Kitui, and Machakos.

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