Agona West市政首席執行官Justina Marigold Assan夫人要求各國政府認識到可持續發展目標五(SDG 5)在實施發展規劃中的重要性。

然而,她指出,在提供可持續人類住區方面, 性別平等必須與可持續城鎮的實現緊密結合,即目標11。


Mrs Justina Marigold Assan, Agona West Municipal Chief Executive, has entreated governments to recognise the importance of Sustainable Development Goal five (SDG 5) in the actualisation of planning for development.

She, however, noted that within the context of delivering sustainable human settlements; Gender Equality must be strongly integrated into the achievement of Sustainable Cities and Towns, which is, Goal 11.

Mrs Assan was speaking at the European Development Day, a global partnership, established to promote and strengthen the role of cities in poverty reduction and sustainable development in Brussels, Belgium organised by Cities Alliance.

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