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[NEWS] Governments Must Prioritize Children’s Right In The Implementation Of SDGs And Development Agendas – CIG

非洲兒童日支持非洲兒童的保護和權利。 它紀念1976年通過大屠殺殺害種族隔離政府而喪生的年輕人的勇氣,當時有超過1萬名索韋托黑人學生為抗議他們的教育質量而進行遊行。

抗議遊行也試圖表明對黑人教育法案的不滿,因為黑人教育法令根據種族分隔學生。 在兩週的抗議活動中被稱為“索韋托起義”,100多名學生遇難,數千人受傷。


The Day of the African Child champions the protection and rights of African Children. It commemorates the bravery of the youth who lost their lives through massacre against the Apartheid government in 1976, when over 10,000 black students from Soweto marched in protest of the poor quality of their education.

The protest march also sought to show discontent over the Black Education Act, which segregated students based on their race. During two weeks of protests dubbed the ‘Soweto Uprising’, more than 100 students were killed and thousands more injured.

In 1991, the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the then OAU (now African Union) set a side 16th June as the Day of the African Child.

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