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[NEWS] Sustainable Development Goals are Indivisible

“雨已經成為我的敵人。 當下雨時,我的心就會沉淪下去,“在烏干達西部Isingiro區經營一家村莊雜貨店的企業家Jane說。

多年來,Isingiro地區的森林已經轉變為農田。 這導致土地無法在大雨中保留水源,導致包括簡氏在內的洪水破壞房屋,農作物和商業。 它還導致了土壤中的營養物質流失,造成水污染。 此外,來自濕地的水不再為人類或牲畜消費而清潔。

“Rain has become my enemy. When it rains, my heart sinks,” says Jane, an entrepreneur who runs a village grocery shop in the Isingiro District of Western Uganda.

Over the years the forests in the Isingiro area have been transformed into farmland. This has resulted in the land failing to retain water during heavy downpours causing floods damaging homes, crops and businesses, including Jane’s. It has also led to nutrient runoff from the soil, contributing to water pollution. Furthermore, water from wetlands is no longer clean for human or livestock consumption.

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