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[NEWS] UN’s Faremo Eyes Artificial Intelligence Potential For SDGs At IPsoft ‘Digital Summit’

在今年6月初由IPsoft在紐約舉辦的第二屆年度數字勞動力峰會上,聯合國項目服務辦公室(UNOPS)的副秘書長兼執行主任Grete Faremo表示,人工智能(AI )是“不可否認的”,並認為人工智能有助於“實現聯合國的可持續發展目標(SDGs)”。“

此次活動在曼哈頓下城的Cipriani舉行,大約有600名代表參加,見證了許多主題演講,其中包括來自麻省理工學院Max Tegmark教授的人工智能時代; 全球公民共同創始人Simon Moss為全球提供了AI, 以及來自德勤全球認知優勢領導人Anthony Abattista的AI的影響。

Speaking at the Second Annual Digital Workforce Summit hosted by IPsoft in New York early this June, Grete Faremo, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), said that the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) was “undeniable” and saw the possibility that AI has help “fulfill the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).”

The event held at Cipriani’s in lower Manhattan, which saw around 600 delegates attend, witnessed a number of keynote addresses including being human in the age of AI from Professor Max Tegmark at MIT; AI for global good presented by Simon Moss, co-founder of Global Citizen; and, the impact of AI from Anthony Abattista, Global Cognitive Advantage Leader, Deloitte.

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