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[NEWS] Kansai Entities Team Up on U.N. Development Goals as Japan Angles for World Expo

20國集團首腦會議將在一年後在大阪舉行,大多數媒體報導和評論無疑將強調總統和總理對當前國際金融或地緣政治危機的看法,以及正在發生的劇變 幕後的世界領導人。


When the Group of 20 summit takes place in Osaka a year from now, the bulk of media reporting and commentary will no doubt emphasize what the presidents and prime ministers say about the international financial or geopolitical crisis of the moment, and what dramas are taking place among world leaders behind the scenes.

Possibly lost in the blizzard of reports and tweets will be what the G20 says about meeting the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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