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ESG Matters Business Letter 2019A

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

At the end of every year and the beginning of the next, our customers fill their schedules with events and parties. This past year was no exception, with gatherings such as the HKIB Annual Banking Conference 2018, Singapore FinTech Festival 2018, FinTech Taipei 2018 (台北金融科技展) and the Asian Financial Forum (AFF) 2019 taking place. These functions presented very good marketing opportunities.

Showcasing ESG Dashboard in Asia

As a Cyberport-supported company, ESG Matters is pleased to have participated in these events. We made a point of promoting our ESG Dashboard, an online report generator that makes compiling data and computing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easy. Disclosing KPIs on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) has become a global trend, and per the Hong Kong Exchange, it is now a “comply-or-explain” listing rule.

To this end, at FinTech Taipei 2018, we were pleased to have had the chance to pitch potential investors. Also, thanks to the extensive efforts of our team – in particular Amber, Angie and Riki – we have launched our new corporate video, as well as our new logo and a variety of souvenirs.

Recent Trends in Open Data 

Now we’d like to address another important topic. Last month, the Hong Kong government began revealing their open data deployment plan. We have been waiting to see this since the beginning of our SDGwiki project, with the aim of building an online ecosystem for data crowdsourcing, open editing, quality assurance and trading amongst data seekers, workers and owners. Last year, we had the pleasure of participating in the first OpenGov Week in Canada, where we were honoured to have won an award.

This was very good encouragement for us here at ESG Matters – and you too can reap the benefits of such opportunities. If you own data and want to capitalise on it, or if you need data and hope to create a killer app, or even if you have specialised domain knowledge and want to be rewarded for helping to structure data and improve data quality, please feel free to contact us.

Common Spatial Data Infrastructure

Our perspective is fairly straightforward. To facilitate open data deployment, we consider Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) a key element – particularly when it comes to enabling the better use of data. Data, after all, is the currency of future generations. For this reason, we have been training our teams in blockchain and geospatial engineering, and we have managed to secure a few head counts to support this initiative. We are now hiring a Project Executive, an Account Manager and GIS Programmers, so please let us know if you have friends who might be interested.

What are we planning next? After the CNY holidays, we will bring ourselves up to speed and continuously offer one-stop-shop TOKEN services for our customers – Technology, Opportunities, Knowledge and Experience, and Network. As we come upon our sixth anniversary, we will continue to innovate and hone our approach. Next month, we will discuss our GSP 2.0 philosophy.

Warmest regards
The ESG Matters Management Team
Jan 2019