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ESG Matters Business Letter 2019B

Dear Friends and Colleagues

We have been speaking with associates who are in charge of ESG reporting in their companies, and they are starting to look beyond compliance.  They’ve told us that when it comes to disclosing ESG performance and KPI achievement, they are seeking out additional value.

What this means is that our customers are commissioning ESG Matters to:

  • Create market competitive advantages, positive brand differentiation and sustainable business
  • Develop and implement strategic plans, and
  • Promote their individual ESG efforts and performance.

We maintain that it is our mission to deliver the very best value for our customers’ money.

GSP 2.0 Reporting Framework

This is also why, when we founded ESG Matters, we started developing the GSP 2.0 model as a reporting framework. The model frames the strategic plan in terms of each company’s goals, systems and drive for competitive advantage while aligning the reporting requirements.  It is easily illustrated by mapping the GRI Standard series onto the GSP 2.0 model.

With GSP 2.0, organisations can set up and navigate their strategic transformation using their existing strengths and systems. This is realised by developing pathways that leverage their internal business systems, people capital and competencies while integrating their reporting requirements to achieve their goals. Visit here and here to learn more.

Furthermore, in January, the International Organization of Securities Commission published a statement on disclosure of ESG matters by issuers providing important insight regarding the current developments regarding the disclosure of ESG information and the perspectives of different market participants including investors and issuers. Visit here and here to learn more.

Warmest regards
The ESG Matters Management Team
Feb 2019


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