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ESG Matters Business Letter 2019C

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This month, we are hosting a seminar with HKQAA (Hong Kong Quality Assurance Authority) to launch the ESG Dashboard 2.0 – an online report generator that makes compiling data and computing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easy. You are cordially invited to join us and share your thoughts and feedback.

Another exciting development: After six months of planning and hard work, we are rolling out the BondGreen platform. This is a funding platform for green projects. Like TripAdvisor, BondGreen aggregates projects from different fundraising sites. In turn, like Airbnb and Kickstarter, BondGreen allows project owners to list their green projects so that investors can select or invest in them.

That said, BondGreen is not a peer-to-peer platform. Rather, it allows project owners to present the uniqueness, feasibility and potential return of their projects in great detail. We trust that investors will, as a result of the platform, be confident in their investment decisions. Similarly, we look forward to helping professionals offer their services to support their deals. Our aim is to create a real ecosystem for financing sustainable, flourishing green projects.


A short recap before we conclude this message: Last month, we talked about the importance of Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI). This month, we formed a strategic partnership with ESRI on Common Operating Pictures (COP), City Dashboard and geospatial infrastructure. ESRI is the world-leading GIS solutions provider, and we are in the process of building applications that will make environmental data easier to deploy and used.

Stay tuned for more information.

Warmest regards
The ESG Matters Management Team
Mar 2019

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