About ESG Matters

Founded by a team of sustainability and data professionals, ESG Matters aims to leverage on the very unique and many years of experience on sustainability and the innovation skills to create sustainability innovations by developing and adopting technologies to achieve environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals for any relevant stakeholders and resolve global sustainability issues.

ESG is important to our environment and allows our companies to operate more sustainably and more efficiently. It is thus essential for company owners and investors to identify their ESG performance, risks and opportunities in a more transparent manner.

Our founder, Dr Glenn Frommer, has 30 years of experience in developing, applying and building systems for ESG compliance within international and multinational companies. In order to accelerate the adoption of ESG reporting, we have created an online platform, ESG Dashboard powered by Kvikoo, for companies to produce ESG reports in a manner that saves time and costs.

Our online platform consists of a ready made template with formulas embedded that can instantly convert information that you have on hand into KPI results. It makes the data collection process easier by allowing multiple users to input their data, making it a collaborative process. Not only that, our platform helps you to analyse your data and allow you to keep track of your ESG performance.

ESG reporting is now easier and more cost effective through our online platform. In this way, we move from ESG is a cost to ESG as an investment, realising the big value in ESG work.

Because ESG does matter, we aim to continuously develop sustainability technology and services to meet your ESG matters.

ESG Matters Glenn Frommer

Dr Glenn Frommer
Founder, ESG Matters

關於ESG Matters

ESG Matters Limited由一隊可持續發展專家和數據科學家組成,在可持續發展和創新技術方面擁有豐富且獨特的經驗,開發出推動可持續發展的創新技術,透過發展和應用相關科技為不同持份者實現環境、社會及管治(ESG)目標,同時解決全球可持續發展的問題。


ESG Matters的創辦人Dr Glenn Frommer有三十年協助國際和跨國公司開發、應用和建立ESG合規系統和架構的經驗。為提升ESG報告的效率,我們開發出由快酷(Kvikoo)系統支援的「益思智」線上平台(ESG Dashboard),讓上市公司可以節省成本和時間製作ESG報告。

「益思智」提供樣板供用戶輸入資料,內置公式會自動將用戶輸入的原始數據轉換成關鍵績效指標(Key Performance Indicators)。「益思智」容許多個用戶在同一平台輸入和管理數據,共同協作,使數據收集過程變得更加容易。平台幫助您分析數據,讓您持續追蹤和比較您的ESG表現。



ESG Matters Glenn Frommer

Dr Glenn Frommer
ESG Matters創辦人