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ESG Matters Business Letter 2019C

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

This month, we are hosting a seminar with HKQAA (Hong Kong Quality Assurance Authority) to launch the ESG Dashboard 2.0 – an online report generator that makes compiling data and computing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) easy. You are cordially invited to join us and share your thoughts and feedback.

Another exciting development: After six months of planning and hard work, we are rolling out the BondGreen platform. This is a funding platform for green projects. Like TripAdvisor, BondGreen aggregates projects from different fundraising sites. In turn, like Airbnb and Kickstarter, BondGreen allows project owners to list their green projects so that investors can select or invest in them.

That said, BondGreen is not a peer-to-peer platform. Rather, it allows project owners to present the uniqueness, feasibility and potential return of their projects in great detail. We trust that investors will, as a result of the platform, be confident in their investment decisions. Similarly, we look forward to helping professionals offer their services to support their deals. Our aim is to create a real ecosystem for financing sustainable, flourishing green projects.


A short recap before we conclude this message: Last month, we talked about the importance of Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI). This month, we formed a strategic partnership with ESRI on Common Operating Pictures (COP), City Dashboard and geospatial infrastructure. ESRI is the world-leading GIS solutions provider, and we are in the process of building applications that will make environmental data easier to deploy and used.

Stay tuned for more information.

Warmest regards
The ESG Matters Management Team
Mar 2019

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Current Developments in ESG information disclosure

In January, the International Organization of Securities Commission published a statement on disclosure of ESG matters by issuers providing important insight regarding the current developments regarding the disclosure of ESG information and the perspectives of different market participants including investors and issuers.

From the investor’s perspectives, they are looking for issuers to report on how ESG matters affect the issuer’s long term value creation, the nature of strategic and financial risks and the way issuer intends to manage them. On the other hand, ESG information is being increasingly disclosed by issuers either on a voluntary basis or as a result of compulsory requirements at a local level. However the type and quality of information disclosed differ in and between markets, depending on the disclosure frameworks used. However,  investors are also looking for enhanced reality and comparability of ESG information in order to facilitate more accurate risks assessments and informed investment decisions.

In order to facilitate the disclosure of ESG information and enhance the comparability of such disclosures for investors,  the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures in which climate-related risk disclosure recommendations are provided. Similarly, there are other reporting frameworks including the Carbon Disclosure Project, Global Reporting Initiative and Integrated Reporting.

To find out more, click here.

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ESG Matters Business Letter 2019B

Dear Friends and Colleagues

We have been speaking with associates who are in charge of ESG reporting in their companies, and they are starting to look beyond compliance.  They’ve told us that when it comes to disclosing ESG performance and KPI achievement, they are seeking out additional value.

What this means is that our customers are commissioning ESG Matters to:

  • Create market competitive advantages, positive brand differentiation and sustainable business
  • Develop and implement strategic plans, and
  • Promote their individual ESG efforts and performance.

We maintain that it is our mission to deliver the very best value for our customers’ money.

GSP 2.0 Reporting Framework

This is also why, when we founded ESG Matters, we started developing the GSP 2.0 model as a reporting framework. The model frames the strategic plan in terms of each company’s goals, systems and drive for competitive advantage while aligning the reporting requirements.  It is easily illustrated by mapping the GRI Standard series onto the GSP 2.0 model.

With GSP 2.0, organisations can set up and navigate their strategic transformation using their existing strengths and systems. This is realised by developing pathways that leverage their internal business systems, people capital and competencies while integrating their reporting requirements to achieve their goals. Visit here and here to learn more.

Furthermore, in January, the International Organization of Securities Commission published a statement on disclosure of ESG matters by issuers providing important insight regarding the current developments regarding the disclosure of ESG information and the perspectives of different market participants including investors and issuers. Visit here and here to learn more.

Warmest regards
The ESG Matters Management Team
Feb 2019


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ESG Matters Showcases in 2019 Asian Financial Forum


ESG Matters was more than happy to showcase in the 2019 Asian Financial Forum on 14-15 January in the Cyberport Pavilion at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Themed “Creating a Sustainable and Inclusive Future” this year, apart from business matching and keynote sharing, the event also facilitated sharing of innovations that drove sustainable and inclusive development.

As one of the biggest financial events in Asia, the event gathered influential figures from governments, global financial and commercial sectors to discuss the current development and trends in Asian markets. This year some honoured guest speakers included Carrie Lam, Chief Executive of Hong Kong, and Paul Chan, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong, who also visited our booth.

The event was such a success. We looked forward to more similar events to come to share innovations and inspirations!





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Cyberport Venture Capital Forum Successfully Comes to an End

Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) held on 8 and 9 November 2018 was a Cyberport signature event to connect investors, industry experts and startups. It was a platform for interested parties to do investment matching and exchange insights on the hottest issues in the industry such as FinTech, Artificial Intelligence/ Big Data, Blockchain, Smart City/ Living, etc.

ESG Matters was honoured to be invited to pitch in the session of Smart City/ Smart Living, introducing our fast ESG reporting tool, ESG Dashboard powered by Kvikoo. We also set up a booth on the forum to introduce the platform and obtained very good feedback. Many parties showed interest in the platform or knowing more about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). We also got connected with investors and fellow startup businesses of potential partnerships.

Cheers to all people we met in the CVCF and to Cyberport for organising the successful event!  

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ESG Matters among top 10 startups in Cyberport Angel Investor Pitch Training

collageESG Matters was very happy to join the Cyberport Angel Investor Pitch Training organised by Cyberport in partnership with 500 Startups on 24 and 25 October. The training was a comprehensive event that equipped entrepreneurs with practical skills and knowledge for fundraising and executing their startup businesses. Highlights included preparing a killer pitch, growth hacking strategies, fundraising for Series A, negotiation term sheet, etc.

At the end of the training, attendees were able to take the stage for a live pitching session to showcase what they had learnt and get feedback from the panel. ESG Matters was thrilled to be among the top 10 startups recommended by the panel to showcase at Cyberport Venture Capital Forum (CVCF) to pitch investors in early November.

Thanks to Cyberport and 500 Startups for organising such an inspiring event that provided a platform for startups to learn from each other and industry practitioners. We hope there are more to come!