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[NEWS] Impact Investments in Projects of Social, Environmental Benefit Rise Two-Fold to $228 Bn in 2017: GIIN


GIIN是總部位於紐約的非盈利組織,致力於推動影響力投資,並擁有約230名成員。 影響投資是指為了在投資者獲得經濟回報的同時產生社會和環境影響而製定的投資。

Impact Investors are spending more on projects that have a strong social or environmental benefit, with the capital invested into such projects rising by two-fold to US$228 billion last year, according to report by global grouping Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN).

GIIN is a New York-based not-for-profit group that works to promote impact investments and has around 230 members. Impact investments refer to those made with the aim of having a social and environmental impact along with the investors getting financial returns.

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[NEWS] New York City Announces Voluntary Local Review of SDG Progress



VLR由Global Vision 製作 市長國際事務辦公室與紐約市相關機構密切合作的城市行動計劃。

New York City will release its “Voluntary Local Review” of SDG progress at the 2018 session of the HLPF.

The VLR will look at the City’s progress on a set of key SDGs, reflect on successes and identify areas where New York can learn from others to address challenges.

The VLR is produced by the Global Vision | Urban Action programme of the Mayor’s Office for International Affairs in close collaboration with relevant NYC agencies.

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