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[NEWS] Canadian City Tracks Well-being against SDGs



The fourth edition of the report titled, ‘Our City: A Peg Report on Sustainability,’ evaluates progress in Winnipeg, Canada towards environmental, economic and social well-being.

The data used to produce the report was drawn from Peg, an online community indicator system (CIS) relaunched on 15 June 2018, with its indicators aligned to the SDGs.

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[NEWS] VNR 2018 Main Messages Available for 45 Countries




Of the 47 countries presenting their Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) at the 2018 HLPF in July, 45 have made their report’s main messages available.

This update focuses on 10 countries for which VNR main messages were available online between 7 June and 18 June, complementing our reporting on the first 35 countries for which VNR messages were available by 7 June.

The UN Secretariat has posted online an unedited version of a compilation of the 2018 VNR main messages.

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[NEWS] Brookings Institution Examines SDG Coverage in Newspapers, Academic Journals

布魯金斯學會博客“誰在談論聯合國可持續發展目標?” 重點介紹了2000年至2016年期間16個主要平面媒體和13個學術期刊橫向評估千年發展目標和可持續發展目標的評估結果。


A Brookings Institution blog on ‘Who is Talking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals?’ highlights findings from an assessment of MDG and SDG coverage in a cross-section of 16 major print media outlets and 13 academic journals from 2000 to 2016.

When examining a selection of newspapers from emerging economies, including in India, South Africa and Nigeria, the authors note a higher number of MDG-SDG mentions compared to newspapers from advanced economies.

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[NEWS] Kansai Entities Team Up on U.N. Development Goals as Japan Angles for World Expo

20國集團首腦會議將在一年後在大阪舉行,大多數媒體報導和評論無疑將強調總統和總理對當前國際金融或地緣政治危機的看法,以及正在發生的劇變 幕後的世界領導人。


When the Group of 20 summit takes place in Osaka a year from now, the bulk of media reporting and commentary will no doubt emphasize what the presidents and prime ministers say about the international financial or geopolitical crisis of the moment, and what dramas are taking place among world leaders behind the scenes.

Possibly lost in the blizzard of reports and tweets will be what the G20 says about meeting the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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[NEWS] ICAT Launches Updated Climate Transparency and Reporting Guidance




ICAT guidance documents address GHG impacts in the renewable energy, buildings, transport, agriculture and forestry sectors, as well as broader sustainable development and transformational impacts.

The guidance aims to help users assess the impacts of policies and actions in an integrated manner, and assist decision makers in developing strategies for achieving mitigation and broader sustainable development objectives, including the SDGs.

The Sustainable Development Guidance is informed by and compatible with the SDGs, and aims to help users assess the impact of policies and actions in relation to the SDGs.

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[NEWS] Sustainable Development Goals are Indivisible

“雨已經成為我的敵人。 當下雨時,我的心就會沉淪下去,“在烏干達西部Isingiro區經營一家村莊雜貨店的企業家Jane說。

多年來,Isingiro地區的森林已經轉變為農田。 這導致土地無法在大雨中保留水源,導致包括簡氏在內的洪水破壞房屋,農作物和商業。 它還導致了土壤中的營養物質流失,造成水污染。 此外,來自濕地的水不再為人類或牲畜消費而清潔。

“Rain has become my enemy. When it rains, my heart sinks,” says Jane, an entrepreneur who runs a village grocery shop in the Isingiro District of Western Uganda.

Over the years the forests in the Isingiro area have been transformed into farmland. This has resulted in the land failing to retain water during heavy downpours causing floods damaging homes, crops and businesses, including Jane’s. It has also led to nutrient runoff from the soil, contributing to water pollution. Furthermore, water from wetlands is no longer clean for human or livestock consumption.

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[NEWS] ECOSOC Functional Commissions Submit HLPF Input




The UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) functional commissions provided a synthesis of their voluntary submissions prepared as inputs to the HLPF.

The synthesis provides a detailed analysis of the SDGs to be reviewed by the HLPF in 2018.

It notes that current trends are not compatible with achieving the 2030 Agenda in its given time frame.

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[NEWS] UN’s Faremo Eyes Artificial Intelligence Potential For SDGs At IPsoft ‘Digital Summit’

在今年6月初由IPsoft在紐約舉辦的第二屆年度數字勞動力峰會上,聯合國項目服務辦公室(UNOPS)的副秘書長兼執行主任Grete Faremo表示,人工智能(AI )是“不可否認的”,並認為人工智能有助於“實現聯合國的可持續發展目標(SDGs)”。“

此次活動在曼哈頓下城的Cipriani舉行,大約有600名代表參加,見證了許多主題演講,其中包括來自麻省理工學院Max Tegmark教授的人工智能時代; 全球公民共同創始人Simon Moss為全球提供了AI, 以及來自德勤全球認知優勢領導人Anthony Abattista的AI的影響。

Speaking at the Second Annual Digital Workforce Summit hosted by IPsoft in New York early this June, Grete Faremo, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS), said that the potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) was “undeniable” and saw the possibility that AI has help “fulfill the UN’s sustainable development goals (SDGs).”

The event held at Cipriani’s in lower Manhattan, which saw around 600 delegates attend, witnessed a number of keynote addresses including being human in the age of AI from Professor Max Tegmark at MIT; AI for global good presented by Simon Moss, co-founder of Global Citizen; and, the impact of AI from Anthony Abattista, Global Cognitive Advantage Leader, Deloitte.

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[NEWS] Africa-Wide Competition On Innovation For SDGs To Commence In July 2018

加納總統辦公室可持續發展目標諮詢股已與Reach for Change簽署了一項協議,為可持續發展目標(可持續發展目標)的創新發起了非洲範圍的競爭,此後,該競爭已成為Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo- 作為可持續發展目標傑出倡導者組的共同主席,阿多的舉措。

該協議於5月24日星期四由總統辦公室可持續發展目標諮詢部的Eugene Owusu博士和阿克拉州議會大廈總統別墅Reach for Change的Amma Lartey簽署。

以“可持續發展目標的非洲創新”為主題,預計將於2018年7月開始的競爭將向早期創新者頒發有助於實現可持續發展目標的想法,推動私營和公共部門對可持續發展目標的支持,以及 增加公眾和主要利益相關方對可持續發展目標的理解和認識。

The SDGs Advisory Unit of the Office of the President of Ghana has signed an agreement with Reach for Change to launch an Africa-Wide competition on innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which has since been one of the President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s initiatives, on his part as the co-chair of the group of Eminent Advocates for the SDGs.

The agreement was signed on Thursday, May 24 by Dr. Eugene Owusu from the SDGs Advisory Unit of Office of the President and Amma Lartey from Reach for Change at the Presidential Villa, State House in Accra.

With the theme, “Africa Innovates for the SDGs,” the competition which is expected to commence in July 2018, will award early-stage innovators with ideas that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, drive private and public sector support for the SDGs and increase understanding and awareness among the public and key stakeholders about the SDGs.

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[NEWS] Governments Must Prioritize Children’s Right In The Implementation Of SDGs And Development Agendas – CIG

非洲兒童日支持非洲兒童的保護和權利。 它紀念1976年通過大屠殺殺害種族隔離政府而喪生的年輕人的勇氣,當時有超過1萬名索韋托黑人學生為抗議他們的教育質量而進行遊行。

抗議遊行也試圖表明對黑人教育法案的不滿,因為黑人教育法令根據種族分隔學生。 在兩週的抗議活動中被稱為“索韋托起義”,100多名學生遇難,數千人受傷。


The Day of the African Child champions the protection and rights of African Children. It commemorates the bravery of the youth who lost their lives through massacre against the Apartheid government in 1976, when over 10,000 black students from Soweto marched in protest of the poor quality of their education.

The protest march also sought to show discontent over the Black Education Act, which segregated students based on their race. During two weeks of protests dubbed the ‘Soweto Uprising’, more than 100 students were killed and thousands more injured.

In 1991, the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the then OAU (now African Union) set a side 16th June as the Day of the African Child.

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