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[NEWS] P4R Network Releases Comparative Analysis of 2017 VNRs




The transnational multi-stakeholder network Partners for Review (P4R) has issued a non-paper titled, ‘Comparative Analysis of 43 VNRs Submitted to the HLPF 2017’.

It examines countries’ institutional mechanisms, participation of non-state actors, and statistics and data for the SDGs.

The paper finds that VNR reports vary in many aspects, and it outlines challenges related to the SDG process.

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[NEWS] HLPF Programme Makes More Time for SDGs 6, 7, 11, 12 and 15

根據5月22日的方案,在高級別政治論壇首次會議期間,將有三個小時深入討論清潔飲用水和衛生設施,負擔得起的清潔能源,可持續城市和社區,負責任的消費和生產以及陸上生活方面的可持續發展目標 週。


According to the 22 May programme, three hours will be devoted to in-depth discussion of the SDGs on clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, and life on land, during the HLPF’s first week.

Each of the 47 VNR countries are assigned a specific half-day, during the second week of the HLPF.

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[NEWS] Co-facilitators Release Zero Draft of ECOSOC Review Resolution




The co-facilitators for the review of ECOSOC reforms have issued a zero draft resolution outlining new structural and substantive arrangements for the Council.

The draft includes sections on the annual main theme and substantive focus, the structure of the ECOSOC cycle, and several other issues.

According to the co-facilitators’ letter, additional consultations will take place on 24 May, 25 May, 29 May and 13 June to finalize discussions on the process, with the hope to reach an agreement on the resolution by 15 June.

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[NEWS] UN Secretary-General Releases Advance Version of 2018 SDG Progress Report



The yearly report of the UN Secretary-General on ‘Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals’ provides an overview of progress towards each of the 17 SDGs.

The report is based on selected SDG indicators for which data were available, using the latest data as of 10 May 2018.

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